big bang of ideas

October 4, 2006

i wasn’t going to create a blog because i didn’t want to become sucked into the blogosphere. however, during my flights across the states for consulting business i always find the time to think of some scintillating ideas, and i am increasingly becoming aware of the need to share them. since i’m already swamped with dazzling work, i’d like to offer these half baked ideas for everyone’s enjoyment. maybe they’ll start something.

by the way, please excuse my typing. the only remaining shift key on my laptop is broken, and i’m not fond of the capslock key.

my first entry will be called ”Magical Syndication”, to be posted tomorrow. i cannot gauarantee originality [tell me please, if there are relevant data], but i sincerely hope it feeds your mind. until then, guten nacht.



  1. I think it is a great idea to share ideas. In fact, I first thought of naming my blog IdeaLog and then changed my mind. But I do post ideas in different ways.

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