javabucket, the easy file storage solution

October 11, 2006

Have you ever wanted a quick and easy way to share files? What if you could easily upload and share photos and movies with your friends, or store your files for backup? Storage is never completely free; you can use a paid service [most likely a fixed charge per time period, which ends up being too expensive] or use an ad-ridden service [which is not pleasant to use, and may turn into a paid service]. But now, you can use a pay-per-usage service that is as easy to use as it is cheap.

in short, i create a java applet that allows you to easily upload and store files (using the Amazon S3 service). the application was inspired by s3wiki; i hope to continue developing this application while keeping the ‘client side web application’ faith.


the applet is in the early beta phase, so i am ready accept bug reports at jackgardener gmail.


since my last post i have discovered jets3t.  since it appears that i have just been duplicating work already done, i will quit development on my applet and try to join the jets3t development team. i hope they let me, i don’t have much time to program anymore, even though i love it!


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