An Analysis of Intelligence (old note from the thoughtbook)

October 13, 2006

Frequently I will have a moment of brilliant thoughts, and I have learned to write them down. I do not pretend to be correct in anything I claim, because I am not an expert in claiming. I am a thinker, and thinking is what I do in my free time, as it joys me so when I find those moments of brilliance. Brilliance is nothing but a series of thoughts that appear to define something. If the series of thoughts is wrongly induced then it loses its brilliance. If after deeper brainstorming the series is shown to define something, then that is what I call a realization.+

So, here is what I mean to post today: one of my recorded realizations! I will repeat here, as I had written in my black notebook my last year of college (I still have those notebooks). This series has to do with Intelligence and Learning.

“I just came to the realization of what intelligence is! First, let me define some terms.”

“the brain is an environment where Functions can coexist within itself and is forcefully reproduced. The Function that reproduces to itself (or similarly classifiable versions of itself, as classified by an intelligent observer*) is what will survive and thus come to dominate the Capacity of the environment.  Therefore, Intelligence can be decomposed into the following: (1) Functions, (2) Capacity that permits coexistence of Functions, and (3) evolutionary rule framework. (ERF)”

“For example, sleeping is what enforces ERF (3). That is, sleeping causes Functions to terminate, thus allowing for a clean canvas (clear its Capacity) in which Functions can perform their function; to produce. ++”

“External effects such as hunger, libido, anger, and joy modify the environment’s properties (how Functions are governed and how they produce) in some deterministic way. Thus, in our limited-resource world, another necessary component of intelligence is: (4) a dynamic but deterministic property (lets call this Funk).”

“Evolution theory says that it is likely that the Function which reproduces towards its similies will become dominant in number in an environment as described above. In other words, Learning is an automatic and statistically necessary progression in such an environment.”

* recursive!

+ more thoughts here but truncated.

++ without sleep, even the best Intelligence wouldn’t be able to sustain, both because the selective pressure necessary is not present in normal circumstances, and because of the increasing Funk.

Well, there it is folks. I hope someone enjoyed this.



  1. I certainly did. Thanks for posting. I enjoy thinking too (so there is kinship right there). I think ideas (big and small) result from thinking and ideas trigger other ideas (so there is recursion or chain reaction).

    The sleep resetting functions is an interesting concept. I thought sleep put functions to sleep (like a dormant process in an operating system) to be woken up later. Or sleeping moves the functions from foreground processing to background processing where the sub-conscious works on it.

    Well, you gave me a few things to think about.

  2. I’m delighted to hear that this post made any sense! I didn’t have time to present the idea in a more readible format, but if I feel the need to I will expound and clarify.
    I think, to be more convincing, I need to define terms more clearly. For example, what is a Function and how is the process of reproducing related to consciousness / intelligence?

    For example, the act of planning ahead (for the next day or thereafter) is part of an intelligent Function. If I do not perform the act of planning ahead, there would certainly be a negative impact in my job status (I would lose my clients), and my currently-dominant-Function would not be able to perform (because the Environment of clients and tasks is missing!). Soon after, other non-dominant Functions would reproduce better in the new Environment, and perhaps become the new dominant Function. I hope that in such a scenario, my current-dominant-Function is capable of persisting by virtue of self encouragement and strong moral values.

    I have a feeling that the bulk of the actual reproduction of the Function occurs during sleep, and the ratio of production of each Function depends on the amount of usage that the function had during consciousness. This would be consistent with many theories, and still consistent with ERF. My posting however was about reproduction that happens during consciousness; that the act of thinking itself is reproduction itself. For example, performing a simple task is such a Function; After I have completed the task, I re-run the Function to perform the next task and so on.

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