artificial intelligence

November 21, 2006

I once wondered whether artificial intelligence would evolve or be designed. Of course such a collaborative effort would not be one or the other, but people rarely think of AI in terms of evolution.

Today we have problems detecting spam mail, spam webpages, spam images, etc. Especially spam mail that has an image attachment with stock related messages in it. Have you seen these images lately? They’re more complex than their simple black and white predecessors. This of course also implies that email providor companies like google and yahoo are putting a lot of effort into blocking spam. Here we have a situation where there is a selective pressure to create more “intelligent” spam, and the complementary selective presure to create better filters.

Spam generators are evolving. Filters are evolving. Evolution of intelligence happens in theĀ  real battlefield of the free (and abused) market. The text in research papers that describe the algorithms are the genes of these virtual lifeforms. Humans are ribosomes. Food for thought.


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