If you can read this, you are doomed.

April 29, 2007

The boogie man is here. He has a spear with three lawyers as prongs and the chaos of Public Relations media on its head. It takes calculated stabs at the Legislative Process in the fog of war, thickened by its misdirection campaign.The fact is, the boogie man is as real as you and me. We are replaceable cells in world of the energy, entertainment, food, and labor industry. They exist (and can only exist) by stripping natural rights and life away from individuals, just as we do when we consume plants and animals. This point is so crucial that I must repeat: boogiemen are carnivorous entities that emerge naturally, and they are hungry for a piece of us.

Who is on what side of this battlefield is not so important. As I see it, currently it is simply a matter of numbers. There are simply more carnivorous entities than there are peacekeepers – partly because peacekeepers arise in reaction to carnivorous entities, and partly because peacekeepers are usually not fueled by the forces of capitalism (rather, they feed on moral integrity and empathy).

Even after you read this blog posting, you will most likely not engage in any peacekeeping activity. You will not even be aware of the battlegrounds that you are walking on right now, listening to your streaming radio, burning fuel far away to keep your computer lit. But if you are awake and listening, let us try an experiment. Spread the following message to everyone by copying this blog post and signing it with your name. For if you don’t, you will be doomed to a cold and lonely death in a state of regret.

The message is this: be active in nonprofit activist organizations, and be aware of the carnage that surrounds you. Do not assume that the forces of capitalism can sustain us in cruise control. Probe into each PR campaign and strive to find the truth. Make a better choice in you daily lives to make the world more sustainable, and fight ignorance with effective communication. Say hello to your neighbor and connect with those around you, to make the world community healthier.

Fnordaaa (this is for tracking purposes)

– Jack Gardener


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