the government should get online.

November 20, 2007

The best way to make government services more accessible to the public is to make its services accessible online. I am so lazy that I will not take my time to SN@ILM@IL my forms except maybe once or twice a month.

That is why I’m voting for this survey:

“Some city agencies want to reduce online services. How valuable do you consider SFGov? “

– http://www.sfgov.org/site/onlineservices_index.asp

I can pay my awesome parking citation online? Sweet! I love you, just like I love my taxes. Seriously, who or what decides the dollar amount of my citation ticket? Is it a happy middle where the people will be the least pissed and the streets will be the most clean? I wish I could see the precise time in history when this particular $40.00 was decided, and by whom. I’d like this information to be retrievable online with the query “policy revision SF-DPT citation amount $40.00”. Of course this is impossible now (i think), even with the new powerset search engine (i think).
If the government were so accessible online, what about “homeland security”?

What type of information is public, what is private, and how do you enforce privacy of sensitive government information? Hmm, you would need all hardware and software to be trusted. You don’t need all your software to be trusted, just enough so that only trusted software can display the trusted content, and that all hardware that can capture the physical displayed result will recognize that the material is private.

It’s as if all private content were red, and all public content were everything else but red. If a monitor could only display the color red from trusted software, and red can only be recorded by trusted software running on the trusted hardware, then you have a good way of protecting privacy in a world with no fluorescence. This is not true for an interesting reason.

Can we make every parking citation ticket payment a chance to win some jackpot? Like a free automobile from the yard?


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